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Water Isn't Important, Is It?
05 Apr 2015

Water Isn't Important, Is It?

It is easy to take something for granted when you think it is abundant and will never end. Many of us have grown up with an acute lake of awareness as to where our precious source of life giving water comes from.  We bath with it, cook with it, clean with it, heat and chill things with it, we use it constantly. However...

However, what happens when what you once thought was abundant is now challenged or has become scarce? Many of us don't think about the eventuality of natural disasters, storms, or even hostile conditions that would make getting drinkable water impossible. 

Our Solution

Our solution is simple, make sure you have an emergency water supply. 

You can take a few steps toward making drinkable water available by signing up for an emergency account at Clear And Fresh Water®. This means that in the event of an emergency, we will rush water to you and/or your community immediately upon receive news of the emergency. This is a way for you and your community to stay ahead of the emergency need.

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