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05 Apr 2015

5 Ways To Gift Water

We get it, diamonds are a girl's best friend. Cars make nice gifts, and so does money, lots of it. However, if you are hosting an event or having a company get-together, water makes an impressionable gift. As we say, when you give the gift of water, you give life. Why not sign your gift with your label and logo?

Take a few minutes and just think of how your customers, event attendees, clients, or future prospects will react when they see that you have your own water. The word "Impressive" comes to mind. Clear And Fresh Water® has it's own labeling service to help you and your organization pull it off - impress your public. It's as easy as following the link to the labeling page, design what you want, and click to order. I'ts just that simple.

It's easy to do and very affordable. 

Here are 5 Ways To Gift Water:

  • If you are a hosting a workshop, gift 8oz bottles in a gift bag along with other vendors and gifts
  • Offer a free bottle or two to customers and prospects
  • Offer to sponsor a beverage for a non-profit event or luncheon. This is great advertising for your business.
  • Find a community like Flint Michigan and give the gift of life with your marketing information on the label. This makes a great press release and news article.
  • Sponsor a yearly drive to fund needed water to a third-world community overseas.


These are just 5 ways to gift water, I'm sure you can think of more.

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